A Sparkling Collaboration with an Influencer

A Sparkling Collaboration with an Influencer

A Sparkling Collaboration with an Influencer: Neon Sign Case Study

Discover how we work with the influencer to create this cute and inviting neon sign!

The Customer

A Influencer known for her incredible vlogs and love of Miffy bunny, approached our company to create a distinctive neon sign for her studio. We scheduled an initial talk with her to better understand her vision, including the desired aesthetics, dimensions, and placement.

The Design

Our team of experienced designers delved into the project, brainstorming ideas to ensure we captured the essence of the Miffy bunny while adding a touch of uniqueness. We presented a series of design concepts, focusing on various artistic interpretations of the bunny to offer a range of options to her.

After thorough discussions and careful consideration, we collaborated closely with her to fine-tune the chosen design concept. Taking her preferences and feedback into consideration, we ensured that the final design would align perfectly with her studio’s atmosphere and represent her personal brand. In the end, based on the style of her studio and her personal channel, we decided to choose white and the most representative Miffy look.

Customer Approval

With the design approved, we pay our attention to detail and commitment to quality guaranteed a flawless execution and she finally received the neon sign with satisfaction.

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