Jack’s Freedom Bar Sign

Jack’s Freedom Bar Sign

Jack’s Freedom Bar Sign: Neon Sign Case Study

See how we work with Jack to add a unique touch of character to the bar's atmosphere and elevating the overall experience of its visitors.

The Customer

Once the cafe owner approached us with her request, we were thrilled to work on this special neon sign project. She expressed her love for music, playing different genres in her cafe every day. Her admiration for Taylor Swift led her to choose the album “Lover” as her favorite, as it embodies love and happiness, which is always what she want to convey to her customers.

The Design

she wanted to make a neon sign with Taylor Swift’s lyrics. She said, “It would be better if we can add more elements of Taylor Swift.”

To incorporate Taylor Swift elements into the design, we introduced her to the versatile UV printing technology.  With UV printing, we could print and color any design, merging it seamlessly with the LED light strip to create a truly lifelike and unique neon sign.
We suggested printing the “Lover” album cover, recreating it to the size of a vinyl record. Adding her favorite lyrics using neon tape would further enhance the visual impact of the sign. When we shared this innovative concept with the cafe owner, she was pleasantly surprised and excited.

Customer Approval

Upon completion, the neon sign captured the essence of the cafe owner’s musical taste, blending the vibrancy of neon lights with the sentiment of Taylor Swift’s lyrics. As the sign was installed in her cafe, it immediately became a focal point and conversation starter among her customers.

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