How to Preserve the Luminance of Your LED Neon Sign

How to Preserve the Luminance of Your LED Neon Sign

LED neon signs serve as vibrant additions that inject an exciting and vibrant flair into any setting. The transformation they can effectuate in a space with their radiant, chromatic beams is indeed striking, emanating an invigorating aura wherever they are placed. However, to maintain their vivacity and ensure they continually cast the electrifying display you desire, it is essential to accord them regular upkeep. An immaculate sign not only dazzles continually but also has an extended lifespan.

You might be pondering upon the correct methodology to maintain the cleanliness and longevity of your LED neon sign. Fortunately, the process is not intricate at all. The construct of LED neon is fundamentally different from its traditional counterparts, comprising myriad light-emitting diodes (LEDs) nestled within a protective sheath of synthetic polymer tubing. This resilient material permits immense flexibility, allowing for customization into a plethora of designs to mirror your aesthetic preferences. The maintenance of this polymer conduit is significantly more straightforward compared to the fragile and heat-prone glass tubes used in conventional neon lights. This means that, unlike the traditional variety, your LED sign can retain its pristine appearance with minimal personal effort, negating the need for specialist intervention for cleaning purposes.

Here are the steps to ensure the cleanliness and prolonged vitality of your LED neon signs:

1. Choose the Ideal Location for Installation

Once you acquire your neon sign, it's likely that you have already earmarked a specific spot to showcase it. LED neon signs, due to their versatile nature, offer a simplicity in installation, and are known for their sturdiness, even having the capability to be waterproofed, a feature not shared with their traditional glass counterparts. This might tempt you to opt for rather inventive and out-of-the-box locations for mounting them, which indeed, forms a part of the allure associated with these vibrant pieces.

However, it's crucial to note that despite the water-resistant nature of the sign, it is accompanied by an adapter and a power cable that necessitates a connection to an electrical outlet. As is the case with any electrical gadget, it is prudent to minimize its contact with water and other external elements. Should you desire to position it outdoors, opting for an additional protective acrylic case during purchase would be a wise decision. This safeguarding box assists in averting potential damages from both the weather elements and inadvertent contacts by pedestrians. To maintain the cleanliness and aesthetics of your LED neon sign over an extended period, it is advisable to avoid placing it under an air conditioning unit where potential water droplets could mix with dust, thus marred the luminance of the sign.

At Lamomo Neon, we offer signs that are accompanied by a clear acrylic backing, providing an aesthetic and secure mount. Alongside, a set of wall mounting screws are included to facilitate a smooth and uncomplicated installation process. We take extra measures to enhance the safety of these signs, by sealing the ends of the PVC tubes with silicone glue, a step that significantly prevents moisture ingress, maintaining its vibrant allure for a long time.

2. Regular Dusting is Essential

Caring for and maintaining LED neon signs is a safe and straightforward procedure. In the unfortunate event of dropping the sign, it's usually the acrylic backing that bears the brunt of the impact, not the lights themselves. Remarkably, the polymer tubing which houses the LEDs is quite resilient and practically impervious to breaking open, furthermore, they do not radiate any discernible heat.

Contrastingly, the traditional neon signs are constructed from glass which becomes significantly hot during operation. An accidental fall can result in a breakage, leading to the dispersal of glass fragments and the release of potentially hazardous gases into the surroundings.

When it comes to cleaning your LED neon sign, the process is rather uncomplicated. Initially, employ a feather duster to gently brush away any loose dust particles. Following this, a soft cloth or a nylon brush equipped with tender bristles can be utilized to remove any residual dust. Before embarking on the cleaning task, it's crucial to disconnect the sign from the power source. If the sign has been illuminated for a considerable duration, it might retain a slight warmth; under such circumstances, allow it a few moments to cool down prior to initiating the cleaning process. This ensures both the safety of the individual cleaning and the longevity of the sign itself.

3. Handling Stains and Accumulated Grime

Over time, your LED neon sign might accumulate stains and grime, which require a bit more attention to remove. When it comes to cleaning these off, you would need to resort to wet cleaning. Firstly, ensure to disconnect the power source to safeguard against any potential hazards. Following this, create a cleaning solution by mixing equal parts water and household ammonia in a container. If you are hesitant to use ammonia, alternatives such as a combination of vinegar and baking soda or simply using plain water can be equally effective.

Using a soft, absorbent cloth dampened with the cleaning solution, gently work your way over the surface of the sign to remove any stubborn stains or grime. The polymer encasement of the LED neon sign facilitates a hassle-free cleaning process, and the frequency of cleaning relies heavily on the location of the sign and how rapidly it attracts dirt.

However, it's vital to remember never to immerse the sign in water fully or utilize harsh chemicals during the cleaning process, as these could potentially damage the sign. In cases where the sign is marred by substances like paint or other materials that cannot be easily removed, don't hesitate to contact us for guidance on the appropriate steps to restore its original sparkle. This ensures that your sign remains vibrant and luminous, adding a dynamic touch to your space for a prolonged period.

4. Periodic Power Breaks

Even though your LED neon sign is designed to be durable, it benefits from periodic rests to prolong its lifespan. If you find yourself utilizing the sign around the clock, it is advisable to power it down for a 24-hour period every two weeks approximately. This small gesture can significantly extend the longevity of your sign, allowing you to enjoy its vibrant display for many years to come.

Implementing a dimmer in your setup can also be a great addition, facilitating more control over the brightness levels and potentially extending the sign's lifespan even further. This way, you not only get to manage the energy consumption but also create varying atmospheres according to the brightness levels adjusted, adding versatility to the ambiance that your LED neon sign can offer. Thus, incorporating regular breaks and using a dimmer can work as a dual strategy to safeguard your investment while enjoying the vibrant aesthetic that your sign brings to your space.

5. Seek Professional Assistance for Repairs

If you find yourself in a situation where your LED neon sign requires repairs, it is imperative to approach it with caution. Repairing an LED neon sign involves a completely different set of procedures compared to its maintenance and cleaning. It is undeniably more complex and requires a nuanced understanding of the electrical components involved.

Considering the intricacies associated with the repair process, it is highly recommended to seek the expertise of trained professionals to address the issue. These individuals are equipped to diagnose various electrical malfunctions that your sign might encounter. Common issues might include short circuits, indicated by a flashing status light on the transformer, or loose connections that affect the illumination of certain sections of the sign, which become apparent when adjustments to the cable temporarily resolve the problem. In some cases, the transformer itself might be at fault, identifiable by an inactive status light.

In the event that you face any of these issues, rest assured that our team at Lamomo Neon can proficiently pinpoint and rectify the problem, saving you from the potential hazards and complexities of handling it yourself. Moreover, if your sign is still under the protective umbrella of our warranty, which spans an impressive 24 months for all our standard and custom LED neon signs, you can avail of these repair services at no additional cost, ensuring your sign returns to its radiant glory without burning a hole in your pocket.

6. Consider Replacement as a Viable Option

There comes a point in the lifespan of every electronic item when repairs and maintenance can no longer sustain its optimal function. When you reach that juncture with your LED neon sign, it may be more prudent to consider replacing it. This isn't a setback but an opportunity to renew the vibrancy and energy in your space with a brand new, luminous sign.

LED neon signs, although having a remarkable lifespan, are not eternal. They are known to provide an impressive up to 40,000 hours of bright, vibrant light, translating to over four continuous years of glowing ambiance. This longevity, paired with cost-effective operation and replacement, makes LED neon signs a preferred choice for many.

When the time comes for a replacement, trust a reputable company like Radikal Neon, recognized for delivering products of unparalleled quality that promises not only longevity but also ease of maintenance. As a globally trusted brand, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, a commitment that has earned us a reputation of excellence, substantiated by a plethora of 5-star reviews.

Our expansive portfolio offers an extensive range of preset designs to choose from, catering to varied preferences and styles. However, if you're seeking something more personalized, our custom design option allows you to create a sign that echoes your taste and personality perfectly.

For more insightful tips on maintaining the allure of your LED neon sign, keep an eye on our blog and frequent our FAQ section. Trust Radikal Neon to keep your spaces radiant and full of character.

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