Revitalizing Tacos Restaurant

Revitalizing Tacos Restaurant

Revitalizing Tacos Restaurant: Neon Sign Case Study

Through close collaboration with Martha Leos, owner of Los Tacos, we successfully revitalized the restaurant's aesthetic by designing and implementing a captivating neon sign.

The Customer

A renowned tacos restaurant located in Pasadena, established in February 1986 by Fidel, a visionary who introduced soft shell tacos to the area. In an effort to infuse some fresh energy into the restaurant’s ambiance, Martha Leos, the current owner, approached our team to create a captivating neon sign.

The Design

Upon receiving Martha’s request, we delved into comprehensive research to gain a deeper understanding of restaurant’s history, existing style in the restaurant, and the original sign. Martha kindly provided us with photos of the restaurant’s interior and the previous sign, which became essential references in the design process.
To maintain the spirit of tradition and authenticity, we decided to incorporate orange neon lighting, paying homage to the vibrant Mexican culture and cuisine. The typography chosen for the sign aimed to match the style of the original sign, preserving the brand identity that had been established over the years.
The initial design presented to Martha showcased the envisioned orange neon sign with typography resembling the original. While the color and shape were well-received, Martha expressed concerns regarding the legibility of the letters and the thinness of the light strips.

Customer Approval

To address Martha’s concerns, we meticulously reevaluated the design to enhance the prominence and readability of the letters. The revised concept entailed using light strips as both the outer and inner frames of the letters, rather than relying solely on a single light strip for each letter. This modification aimed to create a visually striking effect, making the letters more substantial and captivating.

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