Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges: Huge Neon Sign Case Study

This neon sign case study demonstrates the successful resolution of challenges encountered while customizing a large-scale outdoor neon sign.

The Customer

John, the head of a European environmental protection agency, sought to customize a large neon sign with the inscription “All WE HAVE IS WORDS, ALL WE HAVE IS WORLDS” for their building’s facade. He needed a very large neon sign suitable for outdoor use. The width is about 100ft, which is equivalent to about 10 times that of ordinary neon signs.

The Challenges

1. Thickness of the light strip:
With enormous dimensions ten times larger than ordinary signs, the initial problem arose in finding a solution to create a thick enough light strip that would be visually appealing. Even with the largest available light strip, it appeared too thin for the scale of the sign.

2. Cutting the Back Board:
Given the immense width of the sign, achieving precise back board cutting for each letter was vital. The challenge revolved around ensuring accurate dimensions and structural integrity to support the sign’s weight.

3. Transportation:
The massive size of the neon sign raised concerns regarding its transportation to the customer’s location. The sign needed to be handled securely without damaging any components or compromising its overall quality.

The Solutions


1. Enhanced Thickness with Dual Light Strips:
To address the thinness issue, the manufacturer proposed the use of two light strips for each letter—the outer frame and the inner frame. By merging the two light strips, the outlines of the letters would appear bold and visually striking. This innovative approach allowed for creating a thickness proportional to the size of the sign, ensuring a captivating effect.

2. Individual Back Board Cutting:
We suggested cutting the back panel separately for each letter. This approach not only allowed for easier handling but also ensured precise dimensions and structural stability for effective installation on-site. Each letter’s back panel would be fabricated according to its specific shape.

Customer Approval

Implementing the proposed solutions resulted in a highly satisfied customer and an exceptional visual impact upon installation of the neon sign. The customized sign effectively conveyed the agency’s message, “All WE HAVE IS WORDS, ALL WE HAVE IS WORLDS,” while captivating viewers with its striking design.

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